Since 1863 Mallalieus has been creating and producing beautiful woollen fabrics that are admired across the world

Based in Delph, a charming village on the border of Yorkshire and Lancashire, Mallalieus draws on the centuries-old tradition of British textile manufacturing. Independent, family-owned and fully vertical, the mill specialises in working closely with clients to develop superb woollen cloths for apparel and interiors, plus fine woollen accessories such as scarves and throws.

"working with Mallalieus was a pleasure from start to finish"

Clive Walsh, managing director of Mallalieus, writes: During the COVID-19 pandemic our major concerns are the welfare of our staff at Valley Mill and the best interests of our...


From its inception in the mid-Victorian era, Mallalieus has been a vertical operation, meaning that virtually all the stages of production from preparing raw fibre to finishing woven fabric...


Mallalieus have been weaving in England since the late 1500s. French Protestant Huguenots, the first family members fled from France across the Channel in 1572 to escape religious persecution....

"Mallalieus remains one of Britain's last vertical mills. Every process is carried out at one location."
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